A Different Perspective 

Dear Oscar

I love this photo of the Earth and Moon. It was taken last month by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It provides a view of our existence that we very rarely see. Pictures of the Earth are usually partial views from ISS or whole images taken from the moon, but to see the Earth and Moon together and watch their dance is a beautiul sight. In this picture is pretty much everyone who ever lived hanging in the black nothing with our faithful companion so near and yet so far. Viewing our lives in this different perspective is quite profound and I have stared at it in wonder for some time, stirring up motivations and joys that I hadn’t experienced for a while. It reminds me of the value in looking at something familiar in another way. Sometimes I worry about how you may feel you are losing or wasting years of your life and the mental burden that may bring, but then I heard on the radio the statisitic that the average person will spend eight and a half years of their lives watching TV. So I looked at your situation from a different perspective, if you spend every moment you can in pursuit of meaningful and productive goals you actually won’t have lost any time at all on the average person. It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.

Keep going, we are proud of you.

Katie Baldwin

Reaching Out

Dear Oscar

NO words could possibly take away your pain and your heartache
but I’m trying to ease it a little bit
only praying and wishing you yourself will actually read my letters.
We met back in 2012, you were kind and gentle and it was clear what a genuine soul u have
with a huge heart .
I was there for u then and I’m still here for you no matter what.
You are so young with sooooon
many blessings G-D has given you.

Take it slow ,take it easy;
One day at a time
You have sooooo much to look forward to ;in time u will see it for yourself.

If only I could hold you and show you that you are never alone in this
you have massive support and love
that out numbers the negative and
bad haters .
Forgive yourself you are only human
love yourself again and look after yourself please.
You will find so much love and kindness soon.Be patient.
It will all come right .

One hour at a time
One min at a time
One second at a time
and pray

Love u very much
Tanya xxxxxx

Birthday Wishes: Lisa B.


I remember making this for you… 2 yrs ago? Maybe 3.

And yesterday I found it and it got me thinking about why we light candles on birthday cakes.
Apparently it is linked to Ancient Greece, Goddess of the moon.

And so I send you this, with warm birthday wishes, and ask that when you next look up at the moon, think of us and all our birthday wishes.

Happy birthday Oscar.

Lisa B

The Sun and Moon

Dear Oscar

This week the Sun and Moon put in quite a show…. a partial eclipse. But however hard it tried it simply could not compete with the way in which YOU have eclipsed all of our lives and our hearts.
We love you and to us you will always shine the brightest…. No contest!

Love Angela (England) x

Take a few moments just to yourself

Dear Oscar

I am standing outside looking up at the heaven. How the clouds is moving over the moon. I prayed and thanked Him for holding you so far and to please do so for the remainder of this trial. Go outside and just see the beauty of His Hand that’s around you. He may give you cloud pictures as He did to me. Take a few moments just to yourself.

Ps 36:7
“How precious is Your steadfast love, o God! The children of men takes refuge and put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.

God be with you.



‘Owl always love you, my little chickadee, owl always love you, you mean the world to me’
– Robyn Spizman

Dear Oscar,

Midnight always comes. The darkest of the night, when our imagination runs wild and we fear what isn’t even real. But with the deepest of nocturne comes a sharpness of sight, a primal guidance, for what we lack in one sense, is always doubled in another. We are never left lacking; the Almighty makes sure of that.

In the darkness you are never alone, for the night belongs to the owl, the ancient sentinel of divinity. She appears at night, when people are helpless and blind, her wide, all-seeing eyes cut through the darkness, seeing what others cannot. Nothing gets past her, nor will she be deceived. Owl sees all and knows all. The Greek goddess Athena carried an owl on her shoulder and it lit up her blind side, allowing her to speak the whole truth, rather than a mere part of it. Owls have extraordinary vision and insight and this is why they are known collectively as a wisdom.

Owl is the link between the dark and the light. She silently keeps watch from her hollow like a protector spirit. Her large saucer eyes bring a piece of the moon – its wisdom and glory – down to earth, allowing us to adjust to our truths in the shadows until we are ready to face the full glare of the day. And when you’re ready to walk your path, Owl glows in the moonlight, her wings luminescent, her body glowing like a lantern. Swift and silent she wings her way across the night’s expanse, moving with strength and purpose to light up the road ahead.

So, dear Oscar, instead of fearing the soon-to-come, write down the dreams you still have, the things you wish to achieve, and write down too the priceless and wonderful things you have already done. Then take that sheet of paper and stride into that forest and leave it in the nook of a tree. Imagine the bark growing over it, sealing it inside. Your words become part of the tree, then the tree grows, its branches stretching up to the heavens and out around the globe, its roots burrowing deep into the rich earth, its fruit and nuts carried away by birds and animals, creating new trees, each guarded by its own wise, loving owl — every one of us a gleaming candle, guiding you home. Each proudly carrying a piece of your own light.

We see beyond the half-truths, Oscar. We will light up the nighttime and wait quietly with you to herald the new dawn.

Midnight always comes but you won’t be alone.

We’ll face 2014 together.

Love and blessings,

Laura and Carly

CandleForestcollage4[2]1~ click to enlarge ~

Message for Oscar: Canopy of Love

Dearest Oscar

Tonight, when you are overwhelmed with weariness and you long for respite from the world, when you close your eyes and painful thoughts crowd your mind and threaten to deprive you of the blessed relief that sleep may bring; then direct your thoughts to the moon and stars, in their timeless glittering canopy as they shine ceaselessly over you like dazzling, invincible, sentinels in the great beyond. And remember, you are not alone. For, we your global family, though many miles apart, sleep at night under the same star spangled canopy and we too share their comforting, guarding and unending light. Though sometimes hidden from view, they never really leave us; though millions of light years away, they remain, shining and steadfast reminders of the eternal wonders of God and the universe.

Our perspectives vary, as these astral objects are hidden from view while the earth perpetually spins around its axis, delivering us night and day according to our place in the world, as though timely metaphors of our light and dark moments in time. And as the earth continues its ceaseless orbiting journey, year on year, the tides turn with gravitational forces, spring morphs into summer and autumn into winter and so the indestructible journey continues for us all regardless of our place on this extraordinary globe. Your moon is our moon. Your stars are our stars. Your God is our God.

And as our shared, universal journey continues and the moon and stars shine endlessly on, so it is with God. As our worlds differ according to our place in it, so our perspectives differ according to the diversity of our lives, our understandings and our experiences. Like the moon and the stars, when veiled by cloud, we sometimes feel He is hidden from us, but He is always there and we are never hidden from His view. He sees the turning of the tides and all the changing seasons in our lives, He loves us even in the bleakest darkness of our winters and He will never leave us. He has the universe in His hand and all the precious lives within it, that for Him shine more brightly than the moon or the most luminous stars in the canopy of the great beyond. And there are few stars that shine more brightly than yours Oscar. To mankind, who is so often blind to the light, your radiance is for now concealed behind a cloud of uncertainty and doubt. But to God, and those who are privileged to know your heart and see the truth, you remain a precious piece of his universe, a blazing star in the constellation of humanity, trusted, loved and never alone.

God bless you sweetheart.

May you sleep in peace tonight, under His canopy of divine love.


Three things cannot be hidden