We Understand

Dear Oscar,

With each hour, day, week, month, year, there are those of us who stand with you. We have committed to pray for you and long for your release from prison. We understand the horror of it all. We see that the world’s system of “justice” has shown how uncompassionate man has become and how the voice of the media swayed public perception before any evidence was heard, let alone listened to. This attitude even infiltrated the supposedly top legal minds at the Supreme Court and you were used as a political toy, a scape goat for the woes of many social issues. Oscar, if you get to read this, know that this is not Gods way at all. He is our true liberty from all this rubbish that was thrown your way. I think of you frequently and like many others, pray for your endurance in this toughest of all trials that life has thrown at you. If you try to live with an eternal perspective, then each day will be easier. If you think, how can I bless The Lord today and give a smile to that depressed fellow prisoner or if you say, Jesus, thank you that you live inside me and we can talk when I cannot talk to those I want to, if you read His Word, it becomes light and life in a dark place. And one day when you finally get to exit those prison doors, you might even thank God for all He has taught you and for the maturity, wisdom and humanity which He will place in you, if you let Him. Be encouraged, the best really is yet to come!

Megan Jean

Love Conquers All

I follow every moment of your trial with my heart so sad because I know you are innocent.I cried with every of your tears and I wish I could have give you an embrace and said like the Buddhism say “this will pass too” When we see a tall mountain we think we will never be able to climb but step by step will be at the top.You are a hero.loved by millions,people in their normal lives are lonely and do not have many friends.You have them because you have a special soul and no matter the circumstances you are loved and and always will be a man who touched the heart of the world and you are going through a difficult lesson.You are opening the heart of so many with the love to you.

God bless you and the angels keep you company and remember love conquers all.


Be Encouraged

Hello Oscar,

I just wanted you to know you aren’t forgotten. More are those for you, who believe in you, than those against you.
Be encouraged Oscar, stay strong and positive. I hope you have family and friends that continue to visit you and write to you, and your needs are treated with kindness. Peace be with you. God bless.