The Good Things

Dear Oscar,

I am very sorry for what you go through. It is sad to have a day like this. Just remember, forgiveness is a hard road to walk. They have judge you and won’t forget what happened. But don’t be sad, always remember the good things and time you had. And like my son in Heaven, what ever we did wrong, maybe not giving the last kiss or hug, they are our guardian angels. They will always be around.

God bless,

Jo Anne De Villiers

Forgive yourself and allow yourself to heal inside

Dear Oscar

I dont know or believe that you will ever see this message but just to even say what im about to say is enough for me. I remember when I first heard about what had happend, I was on my way to work and it was all over twitter – now im a 20 year old fashion student and stylist so the loss of Reeva Steenkamp was a major deal in my work environment and it was sorely felt amongst my peers and friends.

Everyone had their own opinion but sadly most people had decided your a killer and should be locked up, however as I saw your picture splattered all over the front page of newspapers around the world I could see not only the regret in your eyes but the fear. Not fear of going to jail but fear of living without Reeva, it resonated with me how honestly and truly sorry you looked about what had happend.

Now looking innocent doesn’t make you innocent but it is my belief that you are innocent and what happend was one seriously big mistake, and something that your going to have to carry around with you for all of your life. People are so quick to judge and say you should go to jail yet they forget the personal anguish your living with – I see it in your eyes and it absolutely destroys me.

I honestly hope that someday you see not just my message but every message on this website – there are people who believe you, supports you and love you as the true south african hero that you are – Reeva will be forever missed but we must remember her NOT because she died tragically but because she lived beautifully, gracefully and freely. She embodied what it meant to be a good person and so do you Oscar.

Whatever the outcome of this trial – stay true to who you are as a person – God has forgiven you and I PROMISE YOU so has Reeva, forgive yourself Oscar and allow yourself to heal inside.

I speak for myself when I say I will always support you and send you messages of encouragement and love because you deserve it and I honestly hope you see these messages from around the world of people who still believe in you and who will always stand by you.

Shine bright golden boy – we love you

Regards, Riley

Children cannot lie

Dear Oscar

Right now it may be hard for you to remember the man you truly are. The key to finding him is to feel in your heart all the love that he has received.
It’s as simple as that.
For children cannot lie.
Love Carly.


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