Du Bist Wichtig

Leider kann ich nur Worte senden, lieber würde ich dir wirklich helfen können!
Du bist wichtig für Menschen, die du gar nicht kennst! Ich bin einer davon!
Meine Wünsche für dich: verzeih dir selbst und habe ein zweites Leben, du hast es verdient!

Nicole aus Deutschland


Unfortunately I can send you nothing but words, I’d rather really help you. You’re important to people you don’t even know. I’m one of them. My wish for you: forgive yourself and have a second life. You deserve it!

You Still Do

Hey Oscar,

I just watched your interview on youtube with Mark Williams and it really touched me when you said in the end:

“I had only contributed positively to peoples lifes before this tragedy happened” and you still do!!!

– Because you stood up in the trial

– You told us what happened (in the trial and after it)

– You seem to be honest and sincere

We all make mistakes so if someone criticise you think: Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone (John 8:7)

Yours sincerely

P.S. Keep your head up and be strong

Love and Prayers

Dearest Oscar, even though it may be sometime since I’ve written to you, I never stop thinking of you. Now that you have not been feeling well I just wanted to send you my prayers & love. Keep on fighting Oscar, never give up, that’s what us people with disabilities do best! Keep on going, believing in ourselves & God. We know that God never leaves us, he is always by our side even when things look the worst! He gives us strength & courage to carry on.

Take care Oscar & I hope you feeling better soon.

Love Pauline ♥♥ ➕

Get Well Soon

Thinking so much about you and praying that you get well soon Oscar. We send warm and loving thoughts your way. You will always remain special never forget that.

Maureen Corona