A Different Perspective 

Dear Oscar

I love this photo of the Earth and Moon. It was taken last month by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It provides a view of our existence that we very rarely see. Pictures of the Earth are usually partial views from ISS or whole images taken from the moon, but to see the Earth and Moon together and watch their dance is a beautiul sight. In this picture is pretty much everyone who ever lived hanging in the black nothing with our faithful companion so near and yet so far. Viewing our lives in this different perspective is quite profound and I have stared at it in wonder for some time, stirring up motivations and joys that I hadn’t experienced for a while. It reminds me of the value in looking at something familiar in another way. Sometimes I worry about how you may feel you are losing or wasting years of your life and the mental burden that may bring, but then I heard on the radio the statisitic that the average person will spend eight and a half years of their lives watching TV. So I looked at your situation from a different perspective, if you spend every moment you can in pursuit of meaningful and productive goals you actually won’t have lost any time at all on the average person. It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.

Keep going, we are proud of you.

Katie Baldwin

Each Day

My dear boy – my friend, 

My greatest desire now is that you will be reading this lines at home. Home with your loving family and friends – home where your heart belongs! My son, you have endured so much injustice during this nightmare, so I just don’t understand – how can you still be standing? God may have given you the strength – but it’s you Oscar, who has been fighting this terrible battle. You have come this far because of God, all the love from people who are caring about you, your inner strength and your ability to focus. Please hold on a little bit longer – search for the light in the darkness and let it lead your way out. Time will be changing …

I know that you’ll never be the same as before – how could you? But I am convinced that you will find another, alternative way through life. A path that will lead you to both happiness and love in the future, even if you don’t think that right now. It’s important that you try to find your own way, through this nightmare and that you just keep on walking, how hard it may seem.

Don’t stop, but let everything take its time (time is on your side … remember), have patience, never lose your Faith in God… in love… and all the beauty around you. I know that it’s easy to get caught up in the darkness and anxiety, but it will not stay for ever – it will fade and pass away, believe me! I get stuck in depression from time to time (often without any direct cause) and I always think it will last for a lifetime – but it doesn’t (and I never learn). I’m sure you will find the meaning of life again. You may have to heal a little bit more, but in time you will be there. You will smell the fragrances… see the beautiful colors around you… and feel the laughter bubble inside you… YOU WILL FEEL ALIVE AGAIN – AND YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

God bless you my son!
Much of love

Every Little Tick

Dear Oscar

On it goes. The tick tick of time that mocks you by moving slower than seems possible, dragging out the time you have been kept away from your family. What must you be thinking, all alone in that cell? Are you wanting the clock to move forward, or are you more scared of the future than of what has already passed? Do you wonder if you have the strength for yet another bout? Well I just know that you have it in you to garner yourself for whatever will come next. I know that you have the courage to square your shoulders, lift your head and quietly, but resolutely, look it in the eye and tell it to move out of your way. Even with a broken heart you’ve made it this far. Against all the odds, you’re still here. So you just listen to that tick tick of the clock, lift your chin up in defiance at its mockery. Because every little tick is a check mark in your favour. Every little tick is a measure of how far you’ve already come.

Love Carly


Week 27

Dear Oscar

It’s hard to believe that all these weeks have passed …to us out here time is whizzing by! It seems like only last week we were celebrating Christmas.
I’d like to think that for you time is flying also…..but that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. I want the next 13 weeks or so to go even faster because I just want you HOME. That awful place is NO place for a lovely guy like you. Please continue to stay strong in mind body and soul.

Love Angela (England) x

Time Will Bring You Home

Dear Oscar

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the place from where all international time zones are measured.

The Meridian line in Greenwich represents the Prime Meridian of the World – Longitude 0º. Every place on Earth is measured in terms of its distance east or west from this line.

During a recent visit to Greenwich, I found myself thinking of you as my attention was focused on the concept of ‘time’.

The passage of time is usually defined in terms of constant movement: we think of time passing, flowing, flying or continuing. However, the term ‘doing time’ is unique to those in prison, those for whom the concept of time takes on a different meaning. ‘Doing time’ is not swift, it does not fly and it does not pass fleetingly or un-noticed. Instead, time becomes something to be endured, discharged, ticked off; day by day, month by month, year by year.

Oscar, it takes little empathy to know how hard it is for you as you ‘do your time’; your once expansive world reduced to the inside of a grim building, defined by walls, bars, austerity and endless hours spent alone in a cell. The outside world must seem a lifetime away, restricted to limited accessible media or precious minutes spent with visitors, who for a few brief moments bring with them a glimpse of the outside world that must seem terrifyingly distant. Too harsh for a young man suffering the harrowing emotional consequences of a dreadful tragedy; too isolating, too much time to think and reflect on memories not yet distant enough to be bearable and too little opportunity for the warmth of human comfort.

It’s a strange but familiar paradox; that so often when we yearn for time to hurl us comet-like into the future, we are instead faced with time dragging itself reluctantly, sloth like, from one day into the next. And yet this is but illusion; ultimately the passage of time remains faithfully steady, constant and unstoppable.

Only by divine intervention could the hands of time stop turning. Whatever the circumstance, time remains constant, impartial, uncompromising; flowing equally through all of our lives. And so, with every passing hour, day, week and year; the passage of time moves us unceasingly in the direction of the future whilst our experiences and memories are driven relentlessly into the recesses of the past.


Oscar, it may be hard to see an end to your current predicament, perhaps you are even reluctant to project yourself forward to a happier time. But there will be an end and there will be happier times in store, of that I am certain.

In the meantime, take courage in the knowledge that life is moving inexorably on, and every minute, every hour and every day that passes, as you ‘do your time’, shifts you progressively closer to the culmination of this gruelling chapter of your life and the beginning of the next. Who knows what that will bring and perhaps you dare not yet dream, but keep your eyes fixed firmly on the future and the certainty of better things to come. And as you wait and patiently ‘do your time’ remember; whilst walls can imprison your body, they cannot confine the human spirit, whilst you may be alone in person, you are always in the thoughts and prayers of those that love you and support you, and whilst the days and nights may seem unbearably long, nothing and no-one will stop or hold back the movement of time.

And time will bring you home.


Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven”.

Love Heather