New Horizon

My boy, there is so much good in you. Keep your head down for now, and at the soonest opportunity put distance between yourself and South Africa. Open “The Reeva Centre for Disabled Children” in Italy with your UNIQUE passion and talents, and allow something beautiful and positive to result from this tragedy. Reeva wanted to make you SO happy…work towards THAT in her name and spread her love. There are many of us worldwide who will always support you. Focus forwards.


Dear Child of God

Dear Oscar,

How weary you must be, but I just want to let you know that the Lord God Almighty has heard our prayers and marches ahead paving the way for you. Rest in His loving arms dear child of God. We love, support and believe you.

Maureen Michels Corona

Begin to live again

Dear Oscar,

There is no words that can ever take away the emptiness that you are feeling. This past year has been more than tough and so very exhausting.

When it comes to the utter sadness surrounding the loss of Reeva. I understand exactly what you are going through. As I have lost someone who committed suicide. And as you I was not at the funeral. Oz when this trial comes to an end you will have to start the mourning process. For me it took almost a decade. I had nightmares. I could not come to accept that he took his own life. I had senarios playing in my head over and over again. What if this and what if that. I had no support and no one that I could talk to. Dealing with death is truly hard. But here I am. Writing to you and telling you that after accepting death, after making peace with the situation and with yourself, and with time, one start to remember the good memories and the most horrific memories will eventually start to fade and life becomes bearable once again. Gradually you begin to live again.

There will always be people who will want to see you fail. Who wants you to suffer and never heal. And then you get your supporters who believes in you. And we will always support you and care for you and write posts to lift you up again.

I’m sending you a warm embrace. I’m sending you love and peace. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. Xxx