I am a member of a support group for Reeva


Despite the Trial, and the reasons for it, I truly feel sorry for  Oscar for what  his family is going through,  particularly his sister, and what Oscar himself is going through .

I am a member of another support group for Reeva  but I really wanted to just let you know, that I am really upset for Oscar, to see him in Court, the cross questioning, his emotions, the constant questions,  and I do believe that whatever it was that happened, he is devastated by it all.  

l hope this message gets to his sister, Aimée, I would really like her to know how sorry I am for her and the family and whatever the outcome, I hope it will be one for the greater good for all.

I have been following the Trial daily on TV, and I am pleased Oscar has his supporters, it was touching the way some woman gave him flowers, and I really and truly have a sore heart watching the Trial.  Sore for the Steenkamps who must be totally devasted, but sore too for Oscar, and sore for his family.

It’s heart-breaking….

Warm regards

Anne Lapedus Brest. Sandton.

Stay strong

Dear Oscar

It is easy to give up under the circumstances, but that’s not YOU.
It’s easy to get discouraged by what people say, but that’s not YOU.
It’s easy to get angry and harden your heart, but that’s not YOU.

A lot of people see you as a hero because of your fighting spirit which drove you to achieve on the track, which has been amazing to say the least.
I think even more than that it is your remarkable spirit off the track. Your ability to give hope to those who feel like the odds are totally against them.
The inspiration that you give to people to NEVER give up. Your absolute gentleness with children and your ability to uplift them and encourage them to reach their dreams is awesome.
Their are many examples of the Oscar that has given so much to society.

Even during this extremely difficult time you have shown such strength of character. You have been such a good example to us.
Even though you have shown all these qualities, you are still human. All humans make mistakes, we all have feelings.
I think that during this time you have reminded people that even hero’s are human.
It can’t be easy, but you seem to have been chosen to remind us of that fact.
It’s important to forgive yourself and take all the positive from the situation and build on that.

I just pray that after all this is over, this tragic event will not change your spirit and all that God has put in your heart.
You are a remarkable young man with lots to give and you will get that chance again.
Don’t doubt who you are, or the fact that there are people who appreciate you and your contribution to the world.

God be with you and your family.



Keep on, keeping on

Dear Oscar

A few years ago I was one of the very few South Africans that did not pay attention to media and did not keep up to date with daily news. Since the news of this devastating accident happend I have been pretty much involved in daily news and twitter facebook the works. From the beginning of this I have been a believer in you!

I don’t know you or your family from a bar of soap but I feel close to you and your family,  I feel devastated, when I see the awesome pics that get put up daily of all your charity work helping all those kids, it gives a warm feeling inside. Yet when I see ridiculous, slandering, distasteful comments made by certain members of the public I actually feel sorry for them and pity them. Not only are they not happy with themselves they probably don’t like anyone.

My message to you is to never lose hope, you have a lot of people to prove wrong just like in the Olympics. We might seem like the minority supporters but we are the real people. You seem like such a loving guy and I do not doubt that for one moment. Keep that up.

Sending many regards and fruitful thoughts