I have learnt so much about people as a result of your trial

Dear Oscar

I have learnt so much about people as a result of your trial, and my heart aches at how judgmental and cruel people can be. Please know, with certainty, that you are well-loved and respected by many, many people and you must make sure you focus on those you lift you up, and simply ask God, each and every day, to keep you strong and courageous. I wish I could give you a big, big hug and pass on my positive, loving energy to you.

In life we learn that we can never please everybody … there is ALWAYS someone out there wanting to pull us down … A good saying to remember is  “Those who mind, don’t matter .. and those who matter, don’t mind” …

I totally believe your version of events and am dismayed that so many people would prefer to believe that which is more sensational. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the beast – put on your strongest PBHS armour, and stand tall.

This life is really a mystery and we all walk a very fine line between happiness and times of trial … you certainly have had your time of trials, and I’d like to believe that our souls choose their earthly journeys and lessons to be learnt, each time we incarnate. Having said that, try not to despair with the “why, why?” questions and rather accept, as best you can, that “it is as it is” and this, too, will pass. Try to be very brave. Speak your truth. Live with a pure, loving, open heart …. even try to forgive those who persecute you. It is important you surround yourself with positive energy so that you attract positive energy.

You are loved and cared about – don’t ever forget this.

Wishing you everything of the best and God’s richest blessings.

With very much love
Sandie Clur

I do hope that Adv.Roux gave you the card I sent to you via his secretary who is a friend of a friend of mine …

A few words to wish you well

Dear Oscar,

A few words to wish you well in the coming weeks and months. I can’t imagine how difficult the last year and a half has been for you and your family. I have every belief that things will eventually work out ok. You have inspired so many and still hold the ability to continue to do so. The love your family hold for you has been clear and incredibly touching.
As difficult as it may be, try to ignore the negative comments. A wise lady once told me that someone’s opinion of you is not reality unless you believe it, their words are powerless without your acknowledgement. They haven’t walked your path so don’t let them direct it.

I will be thinking and praying for both the Steenkamp and your family in the coming weeks.


You’re down there


Dear Oscar

This is South Africa from the International Space Station. Look how stunningly beautiful, vast and yet from this height, so small, fragile. Millions and millions of lives on this triangular shaped strip of land encapsulated in the atmosphere of this precious blue marble. People, busiliy going about the business of surviving.

And you.

You’re down there, somewhere amongst the brown and green. I wonder how you were doing in the moment this picture was taken. Were you happy, were you sad? Were you struggling, were you coping? Because you matter Oscar. You matter to so many people. In the grand scheme of the world, you may be small, you may feel small but there are so many people who look at this photograph of an entire nation and focus down on the life of one man, who hope that somewhere down there you were having a good day.

Lots of love, always