Psalm 37:23-24

This is from 76 year old Joan Ferreira, who prays for Oscar daily. The night of his birthday she lay in bed praying for him and Psalm 37 verse 23-24 came to her. She asked her daughter if she could somehow send it to Oscar for her. So this is from a faithful old lady who prays continually <3


We will not cease to support you


I know all your supporters are praying and wishing – like me – for your strength and well-being during your current ordeal, and especially this weekend. Please hold onto a firm belief that this will be the only birthday you will have to face away from your dear family and friends.

Is it too much to hope that the constraints you are living under at the moment might afford you some welcome relief from the intense public pressure, expectations and responsibilities you have had to endure in recent years? My birthday wish for you is that this period of enforced solitude might unexpectedly give you some peace, that the material deprivations might begin to feel like an almost refreshing simplicity, that the enforced inactivity might provide rest for your body and soul, and the enforced reflection lead to some real and lasting healing.

Whilst I feel enormous sympathy for the Steenkamp family’s loss and heartbreak, I simply do not understand why Reeva’s parents have not been relieved to learn that their beloved daughter had not been murdered. Why would any parent want to press on and on to try to ‘prove’ that someone set out to harm their child even though the evidence clearly showed Reeva’s death had been a tragic accident? They speak of “unanswered questions” but to me that is one of the biggest unanswered questions of them all.

This website is testament to the huge amount of goodwill there is towards you among your supporters worldwide, Oscar, with prayers being prayed every day that the prosecution’s request to appeal will be rejected. We will not cease to support you, so you must never give up hope that God will bring you through this ordeal greater, stronger and more inspirational than you have been to date … and that will be something to see!

Patricia (England)

A Remarkable Young Man

My dear boy – my new friend!

You know that I am not good with words, especially if it’s not in my own language! But I hope you can understand what I am trying to say anyhow.

First I want to remind you that I am still here for you (like many, many others) and I will stay as long as you need me to. I wouldn’t be much of a friend, if I’ll forsake you when you are needing me at the most – right?

I think it’s a miracle that you are still standing, after all these traumatic events you have gone through (how much could one man take)! I know that I wouldn’t – and perhaps nobody else would have – but you. You are a remarkable young man, Oscar – you are one kind of it’s own!

I am not saying I understand what you are going through – how could I – but I know a little about how it feels to be depressed and have anxious and what it does to you. So I keep telling you: – you don’t have to be brave or strong right now (that comes later) you just have to “cope” from one day to another. Don’t punish yourself too hard, but most important – please don’t give up – please stay alive! I know that it’s much easier to give up, but you have never chosen the easiest way before – have you?

Then some day – with the right medicine, the right therapy, with lots of love from your wonderful family and friends and your trust into God – you will get through this nightmare (a depression NEVER lasts for ever) and you will be able to live again. You will never be the same as before, but I am sure you will find a way to live your life fulfilled. If it’s anyone who can do it – it’s you! But promise me to choose the people around you carefully (am I talking like a mother now?).

We are all longing for that day to come – the day you will be able to move on! Until then – don’t ever forget that you are loved by so many – and we love you for who you ARE! We believe in YOU and we believe in LOVE! You are in our thoughts and prayers and we are all looking forward to see your beautiful smile again!

Love Ulla H

Belated Birthday Wishes: Suzan

It will all fall into place. Haal net diep asem, Oscar. Hierdie is net een oomblik in jou lang gelukkige lewe. Niemand kan jou integriteit of talent steel nie. Hulle kan jou probeer verneder, maar hulle kan nie aan jou siel raak nie. Dink aan mooi goed en geniet jou verjaarsdag.

Suzan Erasmus Stander

English Translation:

It will all fall into place, Oscar. Just take a deep breath. This is just one moment in your long, happy life. No one can steal your integrity or talent. They can try and humiliate you, but they can’t touch your soul. Think of beautiful things and enjoy your birthday.


Promise Us

Dear Oz.

I am sitting this morning and thinking what Birthday you had yesterday. We all have faith in you and you should promise us not to give in. We all hope and have faith this was you first and last birthday in that horrible place.

Keep your head up Oz there’s a break through sooner as what we thought.

Sometimes I just wish we knew how you are doing it is killing us not to know.

Have a great Sunday Oz

Marilize Cleary