La presse se laisse aisément manipuler

Mais que fait le procureur quand il n’a pas Oscar Pistorius pour occuper ses journées?
Cet homme semble venir du système judiciaire du 19 ème siècle : brutal, tyrannique, abusif et manichéen. Mais il a su utiliser les outils du 21 ème siècle, c’est à dire les journalistes. A en croire un magistrat, la presse est le premier recours de l’accusation lorsque le dossier est faible. Et la presse se laisse aisément manipuler.
J’espère que son acharnement à vous détruire n’a d’égal que votre obstination à vous reconstruire.
“Tous les chagrins sont supportables si on en fait un récit” a dit Boris Cyrulnik.
Je souhaite qu’un jour nous puissions lire votre récit.
Ce sera votre vérité, elle sera acceptée par quelques uns. D’autres la rejetteront parce qu’elle ne correspondra pas à la culture de haine et de vengeance qu’ils partagent avec le procureur.
“Il ne faut pas pleurer pour ce qui n’est plus, mais être heureux pour ce qui a été”

Vous avez un avenir et ceux qui prononcent les mots, «brisé, fini, cassé, toujours et jamais» n’y connaissent rien. Ce sont les mêmes qui appellent à la haine et à la vengeance. Ils figent la vie ; mais la vie c’est le mouvement.

“Lorsqu’une porte du bonheur se ferme, une autre s’ouvre ;
mais parfois on observe si longtemps celle qui est fermée qu’on ne voit pas celle qui vient de s’ouvrir à nous.”

~ Helen Keller


English Translation:
But what does our prosecutor do when he doesn’t have Oscar to keep him busy?
This man appears to have come straight out of the nineteenth century judiciary system: brutal, tyrannical, abusive and manichean. But he has worked out how to make the most of 21st century tools, that is to say: newsmen. According to one judge the media are the first port of call whenever the case against the accused is a weak one. And the press is easy to manipulate.
I hope that his doggedness in destroying you has found its match in your determination to rebuild yourself.
“All grief is bearable if you turn it into a tale to be told” said Boris Cyrulnik.
I wish that one day we are given the opportunity to read your story.
It will be the truth in your own words. Some will accept it and some will reject it because it will not fit in with the culture of hatred and revenge which they share with the prosecutor.
“One should not cry over what is no longer, but be grateful for what has been.”
You have a future and those who bandy about the words: ” broken, finished, lost, always and for ever” don’t know what they’re talking about. They are the very people who call for hatred and revenge.  They want to stop life; but life is movement.
“When one door to happiness closes another one opens; but sometimes we spend so much time staring at the closed door that we fail to see the one that has just opened for us.”

Week 8

Dear Oscar

I’m trying hard to get into the Christmas spirit but between you and I, it really isn’t happening!
I just keep thinking how awful it must be for you to be away from your family and loved ones especially at this time of year. My heart breaks at the thought of you in that dreadful place and the Christmas you’re likely to experience….. It’s just so wrong! Next year I want you home with your family, where you belong. You will be in my thoughts throughout Christmas as you are everyday and I send you all my love and the gift of Peace. God Bless x

Angela (England)

Prayer for Oscar


Dear Heavenly Father

We raise our dear, beloved Oscar to you today.  Have mercy, Lord.  Grant him the peace he so desperately needs and wants, help him to find your presence even in the bleakest of situations.  

We pray that you restore him completely, his spirit, in it’s relationship with your Spirit, his emotions, where they have been mangled and torn, and his body, where it has been mistreated with the vilest of food and conditions.  

Raise him up, we pray,  to be the person you designed him to be, that even in this horrendous place he might be a beacon for you, a light in the darkness.  Protect him from the worst of his situation.  May the food he eats be as the most sumptuous fare to his body, restoring and strengthening it even as it should wither and fade. 

Surround him, Lord, with the hedge of your protection.  Place an angel in his cell guarding him from all that would harm him and drag him down. May that place of apparent desperation become a haven of your Peace and Presence, that he may continue to be your witness in that terrible place.

We pray all these things in the Name of the risen Lord Jesus, trusting you to guard and guide our dear friend through these days so that he might reach the other side of this challenge in health and safety.

In Jesus Name. 


Julia, UK