Drawing: Human

Dear Oscar,

I hope you are okay. My latest drawing of you is based on the chorus to “Human” by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. It’s my way of saying that even though you are a Paralympic athlete, who are often described as “super-humans”, you are still human and have certain insecurities, imperfections and vulnerabilities like other people do. Your great sporting achievements don’t negate this, and the authorities need to realize it.
It’s wrong for people to scapegoat you for their society’s problems. They should acknowledge and tackle them, so they can create a better future for the next generation. You are a human being with rights and feelings, and it’s not right to condemn you for one mistake. Being famous does not make someone perfect and it’s unfair to expect famous people to never make mistakes, whether they’re “role models” or not. They’re still human and it’s cruel to use them as easy targets when it comes to society’s troubles, or tear them down.
Putting the blame on you solves nothing. This needs to stop now and true justice must be done.

We are always here for you.

Love Sara. xx

I hope there are birds

I hope there are birds where you are Oscar. That you can at least hear them, if not see them. It’s spring here where I am and the robins are busily sorting out territories. How strange that they show aggression by producing the most heart-stoppingly beautiful songs. Sometimes they literally stop me in my tracks as I try to identify where they are and enjoy their sound.

I hope there are birds where you are Oscar, to bring joy into your heart.

With love
Sally (UK)

Heart’s Prayers

Dear Oscar,

I see your life’s hardwork
And I look and outweigh the bad. I still look up to you. We have all seen the darkest days. All we want is to see the Light. What is wrong with that? We do keep you in heart’s prayers. May God’s Angels assist the good in plight. We can say those words and believe in them because they are Free and nothing can steal it. And we know the good endures plight.

Ana Titan