Ozzie, a smile is the most beautiful present you can give anyone. Keep smiling, always find a reason because you have the kindest smile I have ever come across. Every day as you have to stand up against everything that is against you, remember to smile, it frees you from that negativity! We have come this far with and for you, therefore, we stand as one until the day you walk free.

Nicky Killian

The Eyes of Love

Dearest Oscar – Promise that you always look at yourself with the eyes of love – as we look at you – as we all carry you in our hearts… <3

with love and heavenly blessings, Ann


Urgent: A Friend Gone Missing – share please!

UPDATE: Rista is safe. Thanks everyone for your help.

Help please. Our friend Rista Wilson is missing (last seen on July 3, in park Potchefstroom, SA).


***MISSING PERSON*** people tonight I ask for your help please, the lady in the photo is my MOM Rista Wilson, she has gone missing today last seen at about 10am this morning 3 July 2015 in bailie park Potchefstroom, if any one has any info please contact me or my sisters Teri-Leigh Wilson and Olivia Wilson, even if she can just send us a message to say that she is okay! Please share this post as far and wide as possible! Thank you!

Facebook Page: Rista is missing:

Man United


Dear Oscar

I saw this sign outside my local Baptist Church and it made me think of you as I know Man Utd is your team. Good for the church for trying to engage, even though You’ll Never Walk Alone is Liverpool’s song. I guess the message could be that it doesn’t matter what team you support, we’re all in this together.

Love as always, Sally