I believe Him

Dear Madams/Sirs,

Last weekend I decided to watch the Amazon Prime series dedicated to Mr. Oscar Pistorius. I had post-poned doing so for a while because I expected it to be painful. It was that, plus enlightening. At times it made me angry. If you find my comments a bit bitter, please feel free not to publish them, I just would like my thoughts to reach Mr. Pistorius and those who care for him.

I must confess sports are not my forte, nor a big interest of mine in themselves, so I didn’t really know Oscar and his amazing achievements.
When the facts occurred I heard about it through the massive, confusing press coverage. I never paid attention to what was being shouted…
I got particularly interested once I watched an interview to Mr. Pistorius on TV, a couple of years ago, during my psychology studies. I believed him then and now I can say I believe him for more reasons than just by instinct.
I‘m grateful that the series puts a lot of facts in good light, but was also appalled at seeing how they were mystified and abused by the media and not only.
I‘m sorry to see and say that society simply didn’t accept that an exceptional person like Oscar Pistorius could defy his own physical limitations and become a true hero. Oh no, he had to stay different, in their eyes. Success generates vicious envy. People morbidly enjoy watching celebrities and heroes fall. It puts them back down to their level.
The series allows us to see the human being beyond the champion, and the picture is that of a sensitive man with insecurities just like anyone. And not an easy life. Nothing points to a violent personality or to acts of aggressions against women. Wherever did that come from?
His profound sorrow and regret for what happened are plain to see and authentic, whoever denies that has no notion of human psychology. And no empathy.
The facts are very clearly laid down in the series/ trial, I cannot grasp how one could contest that.
Finally, as a woman, I feel ashamed of the accusations from the women rights activists, completely out of place and OUT OF CONTEXT! I greatly appreciated the judge stating that no evidence of an abusive relationship emerged at any point in time. Mr. Pistorius’s girlfriend repeatedly called him ‚angel’ in their WhatsApp exchanges. This is not language a victim of abuse would use, please do ask the experts.
I have no respect for Jacqui Mofokeng and her obnoxious comments in the series. She touched the bottom by saying that as Pistorius had wanted to compete in the Olympics and be included among the ‚normal‘ athletes, then he should accept being judged like other ‚able‘ people. Monstrous, and again off the topic. She should be ashamed of herself, but I don’t think her intellectual level enables her to.

My heart and sincere support goes out to Mr. Pistorius and his family. May hope never abandon them. There will be a positive outcome at some point. We are here to help that.

Greetings from an Italian in Germany,