I Wish

I wish I could turn back time to change the events of that day.
I wish I could snap my fingers and restore what was lost to you.
I wish I could cleanse the wicked hearts and fill them with love.
I wish I could find your lost dreams and give them back with many more.
I wish they could stop hating you and start loving you again.
I wish that they see the error of their ways and fix their terrible mistake, I hope and pray that it’s not too late.
I wish to see you back on top as a winner like never before.
I wish that you can love again and be fruitful.
I wish to meet you and give you the biggest and warmest hug filled with kindness and love.
I want that so much for the new year and many more to come.
I won’t stop until the nightmare is over and peace comes again.
I will never stop fighting for you my dear friend.

Carrie R.

Lean On Me

I saw this in the shop in Exeter Cathedral on a recent visit. Unsurprisingly, I immediately thought of you, Oscar. As I couldn’t send it to you, a photo of it will have to suffice. The wording says it all.

Love and blessings,



Your Christmas Greetings For Oscar And His Loved Ones

Dear friends,

as you all know, Christmas is fast approaching and, as ever, we’d like to brighten the season with your Christmas messages for Oscar and his loved ones.

Please get your messages in to us by 20th December. You can either message our Facebook page or email us at contact@supportforoscar.com

Don’t forget to add an image to your message – let’s make the blog a festive, bright place for Christmas.

Please note: we’re only a small team and we have family as well with whom we want to spend Christmas time. So we won’t be able to reply to emails from 24-26th December or post any messages during those 3 days. Make sure you get your message in early so we can prepare everything before our little break. 

Thank you!

Yours SfO Team