Supporters, We Need Your Help

Dear Friends

We are wanting to make the month of June into a Month of Hope for Oscar. Please could you send us messages of hope whether they are poems, song lyrics, a picture expressing hope, your own thoughts, anything really. We would ideally want to post at least one a day so we need 30. Your messages would be so greatly appreciated.

Please email your contribution to or contact us via our facebook page.

Thanks from the SfO team

Drawing: You’ll Rise Up

Dear Oscar,

My latest drawing of you is based on the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day. It says that no matter what, you can always rise up in spite of everything and everyone. With help and support, you can dismiss your fears and show the enemy you won’t be defeated. It’s not the end of the world and, if you’ve had enough of living life in limbo, you can do something about it. There comes a time when enough is enough.
Forget everything that caused you pain and misery, and focus on things that made you happy. Keep hold of your dreams and try to imagine them coming true in the future. If you visualize something enough, it may very well come true. Never stop believing or rising up.

Love Sara. xx

From America

I’m from America , I’m writing this letter on behalf of Oscar and his family . I was brought to your page for a reason from a little meme online , Nothing happens just because 🙂 . I’ve followed on the Corrupt media of what happened, I’m truly sorry you had to go through what you went through and what you are going through Prayer’s always . I can’t believe with your situation that you weren’t set free . There is no Justice in the flawed System no matter what Country it is . I pray you and your loved One’s stay strong through Jesus HOLD ON TO JESUS 💞 As my family is also . Our situation is different than yours My family lost my Brother in law to murder and the guy who killed him the Judge let him walk away with no sentence . My Nephew & Niece are now without a dad .It has broken our heart’s We know the Lord has him . I know your situation very well as I live in one of the most High crime area’s in AMERICA . Until people know your situation or surrounding they shouldn’t even speak . I’m constantly looking over my shoulder . If I didn’t have a big dog there would definitely be Intruders . We live in a cold world where this is satan’s home, Where everything is getting worse. I’m not sure if you were in Africa but I’ve heard Caucasians and Farmers are being Murdered all of the time and this has been going on for year’s . This is such a tragedy but that is kept quiet to and shouldn’t be . I pray for you , For our Lord Jesus Christ to comfort you always . You & your loved One’s remain in my Prayer’s. Always look to Jesus Because he is the only way ,He is our strength though everything. God Bless you Oscar. Give everything to the Lord…… PS. I love all of the pictures of you and your loved one’s and the compassion in the pictures you took with the youth ,You are such an inspiration to other’s 🙂 . Don’t let no one take your Joy , Let your light shine !!!! I pray also that Individual’s are Visiting with you 💞 Remember Oscar You Are never Alone 💞
Sincerely, Lisa Marie

In God se Hande

Sarie Labuschagne

English Translation:
Take a pebble and put it in the palm of your hand. Now fold your hands around the pebble so that you can shake it without the pebble falling out. That’s exactly how you are in God’s hands. Even if life shakes you around, you will never fall out of His hands!