Number Plate

Dear Oscar,

recently we went to Cologne and parked our car in a parking garage. When we left the building, one of the number plates of the other cars attracted my attention. I smiled, stopped, turned around and took a photo of that car.

If you were a resident of the city of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, Germany, you would have the rare opportunity to ask for a vehicle registration number of your choice and get a number plate with almost your first name written on it: OS will be the abbreviation of the town. Further two letters are possible, CA. The R has to be replaced with the number of its position in the alphabet, 18, and voilà! (It seems that somebody , probably another Oscar, owns that registration plate because it is not available right now. J )

I wish you safe driving with or without that number plate one day again.


Drawing: Lego House

Dear Oscar,

My latest picture is based on “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran. It says that we are always here to pick you up when you’re down. We will also help you to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life, like a Lego House, whenever you need us. Don’t be afraid to ask if you ever want any help.
Don’t live in your shadow or let anyone make you feel insignificant. You have as much right to a life as anyone else has. Terrible events don’t mean you should just give up everything. If anything, they should spur you on to go harder. Don’t let anyone drag your spirits down.

Love Sara.

The Lord Loves You 

Hi Oscar,

I haven’t commented for a long time.I have been in South Africa actually. Thst means I had thought about you,knowing that you are both near and far as you are unavailable. I know you miss being free to go about.Time is going ,you may not feel it but it is moving. I pray for a miracle in somebody’s mind which will come out and talk about parole. But the Lord loves you Oscar and He is going to work for you. I wish that you can be able to get our messages of love and support.

I Survived Harvey

Dear Oscar,

Last week I survived hurricane Harvey. It was brutal and terrifying and for five days I thought it would just never end. Trapped inside with my family I thought about all sorts of things including you.
It is then that I realized what I was having to go through was nothing compared to what you are suffering.
This somehow made it easier to bear.
Eventually it stopped and I went outside and there was the most beautiful ray of sunshine.

Don’t give up Oscar, eventually your storm will also end.

In the meantime I will continue to pray for you and wish you all of God’s blessings.

Ann Tilana Louw
Houston, Tx