Best Qualified

Dearest Oscar,

I don’t feel qualified to give advice on life and courage and resilience to anybody because I know I have so little myself. And as for telling someone who has been through so much as you have to be brave and strong that would be a bit rich coming from a mouse like myself. You are the one who is best qualified to encourage and empower others.
The only thing I would dare to beg of you is not to let evil triumph over good. To me you embody qualities which are amongst the best in mankind: courage, determination, humility, generosity, loyalty, family values, honour, decency and integrity to name but a few.

Greed for both power and money, selfishness, stupidity, envy and hatred are our common foes. I pray that your spirit conquers them all. You have the backing of thousands of people who share in your humanity and love you for it and emphasise with your loss and pain and who are there in that cell with you every day, suffering and hoping for you.

With much much love as always and a massive hug.

Michèle xx


Make A Stand

Perseverance …. This is not just one person’s fight for freedom. This is a fight for every South African who will make a stand against this injustice.

Julandie Scholtz

No Words



I have no words to describe the past days, past 2 month’s events. I even do not have much words of consolation, as I, we, as your supporters are speechless ourselves.

We all wonder when will it all stop, but alas, there seems no end to the depth of darkness of the human soul.

All I can say is, stay strong. Ozzie. Try to see the bigger picture. I have prayed, I warfared, I pleaded with God, but alas, His will be done. We have to trust in Him, keep on believing that He is still in charge. Have faith Oscar, for God promises that He will give the outcome, He will turn situations around for good if we put our trust in Him. Let’s keep the faith , our eyes fixed on Him, knowing that He has a bigger plan and that His timing is always perfect.


Not Giving Up Hope

Ozzie, I know that we all feel the blow of injustice at this stage, but I will never give up on my prayers for you. Those who think they can defy our Lord and our prayers, will one day realise that you can’t defy Him, not for success, nor for pleasing others. God sees and feels our tears and pain, and no tear will go past Him unnoticed. You may feel desolate, like all else failed, but be brave you will not see the light at the end of the tunnel until you walked through the darkness. We are by far not giving up hope, for our hope is placed in God’s hands. Let’s take this day by day, hope, love and faith conquers all.

Nicky Killian