Christmas Message Time!

Dear friends,

Christmas is fast approaching and we need your messages for Oscar, this year along a theme of ‘blessings’.

We’d love for you to attach a picture to your message (or just a picture, if it has the message/quote you want to send already on it) – we want to make SFO bright and cheery over the festive season.

Please send your messages and pictures to us via our usual email, or by PMing our Facebook page.

Get them in to us between now and 23rd December. Any later than that, and they will be published after 26 December (but they will still be published!).

Many thanks,

Mira and Laura

5 Years On

Dear Oscar,

It is now five years since that horrible night. What’s even more tragic is that justice still hasn’t been done. I hope that you are able to do something to take your mind off today and the bad memories.
Don’t forget you are still loved and respected. Please don’t hate yourself or you can’t love others. You don’t deserve to be hated so don’t ever do that to yourself. Let it be a day of love, remembering those who love you and loving yourself again.

Hugs, Sara. x

‘If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others’. ~ Dalai Lama.

Beyond Description

I wish to send Oscar all my Love & Support. I think of him Everyday & Pray for him and his family.
The suffering inflicted on Oscar & his family is beyond description. In this corrupt violent dishonest society we inhabit I pray that our Angels & Guardians are working hard to bring this ugly injustice to an end.
Kind regards