Heart’s Prayers

Dear Oscar,

I see your life’s hardwork
And I look and outweigh the bad. I still look up to you. We have all seen the darkest days. All we want is to see the Light. What is wrong with that? We do keep you in heart’s prayers. May God’s Angels assist the good in plight. We can say those words and believe in them because they are Free and nothing can steal it. And we know the good endures plight.

Ana Titan

The Mystery Of Grace

Hello Precious Oscar.

I think of you Everyday and with every thought of You there is a Prayer for You.
The world is in an ugly tangle of greed, misinformation, fear and sadly a selected/voluntary choice for sensational, corrupted information. In the grand scheme we all have bad days, disappointing outcomes and suffer intolerance and nastiness. It is your plight that has given me strength when I am inclined to despair. I think of you, dearest Oscar and I am given a subtle steeliness to keep going. And when I sense my Inspiration I ask that God extend it to You in His Way so that You to may be Protected and given the Courage to Believe in yourself and to keep going one day at a time, one breathe at a time.

Much love to you and your Family and Supporters.
Michele UK.