Your Christmas Blessings For Oscar

Dear friends,

Christmas is fast approaching and following our tradition we need your messages for Oscar, this year along a theme of ‘blessings’.

We’d love for you to attach a picture to your message (or just a picture, if it has the message/quote you want to send already on it) – we want to make SFO bright and cheery over the festive season.

Please send your messages and pictures to us via our usual email, or by PMing our Facebook page.

Get them in to us between now and 23rd December. Any later than that, and they will be published after 26 December (but they will still be published!).

Many thanks!

I Believe You, Oscar

Hi Oscar

I have seen the 4-part documentary on Netflix and it moved me to the core. I believe you, Oscar. I have seen the footage in this documentary of people attacked at gunpoint in broad daylight in your country. You have experienced intruders in your home with your mother when you were a boy. Very easy then to become very stressed about noises that you hear in your house in the middle of the night. Reeva was with you. You felt that your first mission was to protect her. I believe all this. It makes perfect sense to me. What happened to you is not fair.

Furthermore, when the whole world adored you, OK you were a guy on blades or prosthetic legs, but the whole world was with you and it made you invincible. Then, when came the indictment, and suddenly you were a guy with no legs and without the world to support you. You must have so lonely, so sad, so distressed. It is heart breaking. Please, Oscar, even if it is not much, remember that there are a lot of guys out there who are with you, and we hope that our support will bring a smile on your face and in your heart.

Hang in there. We are with you

God bless you and God be with you